January 30, 2015

Surface Tension (2015) Session #6 (Halifax, Nova Scotia)

Digital original
The first session on the second day of working with the large pool was also the first session with Ingrid in our 17th year of working together. Though she has no love of modeling in the studio, as soon as I told Ingrid that the session would be a return to the Surface Tension concept (Ingrid has modeled several times with the 2007 iteration of the idea), she was keen to participate...and that was before I told her the pool was heated.
Digital original
The above image is probably the clearest expression of the Surface Tension ideal from the two days of photography - an image as much about immersion as it is about emergence.
Digital original
It was a real pleasure to work with Ingrid again; her intuitive approach to modelling (no doubt born from having modeled Nude for more than 2/3 of her life) really showed in both the strength of the images, and the fluidity of the session.
There's no way these images could have been made without the kindness, encouragement and support of Steve Richard and Shadowhouse Studios.

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