June 30, 2007

Miranda Models at Chebucto Head

Digital infrared original, 16 image stitch
For this session, Miranda and I headed back to the first place she'd modeled with me, Chebucto Head. The day was lovely and warm, with a rich scattering of clouds in the sky - perfect for infrared photography. Infrared cameras have such a flair for the dramatic, as evidenced in this image of Miranda lying below a perfect sky.
Digital infrared original
I normally avoid working in direct sunlight, but when there's no choice, it can sometimes be worked into a successful image; Miranda's figure in this pose is accentuated by the light, as opposed to struggling against it, which makes the final image practically sing with grace.

There is an old-world feeling to this image, perhaps coming from the beautiful taper to Miranda‘s waist. There are times when infrared images are dramatic and breath-taking, but in this case, the result is more subtle, calling attention to Miranda’s form, as opposed to the landscape around her.
Digital infrared original
While it took me almost a decade to come to working with wide-angle lenses, since 1997, they have been a major component of my work, both with the Nude, and architecture. In this image, the parallel between Miranda‘s arm and the landscape behind her is only due to using a wide-angle lens - with a longer lens, the correlation between the two would have been lost.

Overall, this was a really enjoyable session - the light was less than ideal, but the beautiful sky, combined with careful posing lead to some really pleasing photographs.

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