June 24, 2007

A Final Day with Ingrid & Mirnada

Digital infrared original
Even after a couple of hours, the land surrounding where we were staying was still pretty damp, so Ingird, Miranda and I did some photos on the porch; during a pause, Ingrid and Miranda were on a deck when I noticed how soft the light was; I asked them if I could do a portrait of the two of them, and Miranda moved behind Ingrid, and everything came together perfectly. Given how often they have modeled together over the past seven years, it is no surprise that they are comfortable with each other.
Digital infrared original
Ingrid has always been a very physical woman, and couldn't resist exploring the potential of the structure of the porch. It isn't the most elegant of images, and the post behind her interrupts some of the lines of her body, but it is a great record of a model thoroughly enjoying herself.
Digital original
The real experiment of the day was a journey to a near by farm, where a friend had arranged for a horse for Ingrid to model with. When Ingrid asked if it would be possible to model with a horse, all I could think was “What is it with women and horses?”. Regardless, with the assistance of a friend, it was arranged. I am not sure how the negotiations went exactly ("I have a friend who wants to ride your horse naked, while being photographed), but Ingrid really appreciated the opportunity.
Digital infrared original
As it turned out, a nude model riding a calm horse around a field is not the most aesthetic of subjects...it looked a little silly, to be honest. Afterwards however, as Ingrid communed with the horse (who seemed totally bored with the situation) I made a number of more pleasing images, including one particularly pleasing "hug" photos.

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