June 22, 2007

An Afternoon with Ingrid & Tanya Continues

When I first moved to Moncton, I was told about a beautiful grave with a headless statue, and it was one of the first things I went to find when exploring around the city. It turned out to be as lovely as described, but I couldn't help think, when I first photographed it, about how it might be a perfect setting for a nude.
Digital infrared original
I was a little hesitant about asking one of the models to pose in a graveyard, but after discussing it with Ingrid, we went ahead and made the image, and waited until we saw the results to judge it. In the end, the beauty of the results overwhelmed any hesitations I had before.
Digital original
Almost all the images I've made at the gypsum silos have focused on the exterior, so when Tanya sat in one of the windows, and looked so beautiful in the soft light of the building's shadow, I just had to make a portrait...and to make everything perfect, the wind whipped fine locks of her hair across her face just as I made the image.
Digital infrared original
Though you can’t tell from this image, it was pouring with rain when Ingrid and I made it - we’d fled into the old gypsum silo to keep dry, but didn’t see the point in wasting our time just waiting, so we did some images while we waited.

One of greatest advantage of working at the old silo is the beautiful light it provides; in this case, Ingrid is right by one of the largest openings,and I absolutely love how the light flows across her torso as she arches back - a lovely contrast to the ragged concrete and wood around her.
Digital infrared original, 2 frame exposure blend
The final set of images was almost the opposite to the one above of Ingrid; where she and I worked with the highlights the large windows provided, Tanya and I finished the day's photography working with the deep shadows of one of the smaller windows, looking out over the river. Where Ingrid was well lit and almost sculptural, Tanya's figure was wreathed in shadow.

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