June 16, 2007

A Waterfront Field Trip

Digital original
Over the years that I have been leading photo field trips along the Halifax waterfront, one of the most consistent sources for successful images has been the tugs which service the commercial traffic in the harbour; the hulls in particular, with layers of paint, rust, and in the above case, chains and tires, are a neverending source of inspiration.
Digital original
The real surprise for this field trip was a number of tulips which had suffered heavily in an early morning rain shower; their petals had been bent down, revealing the usually hidden pistil and stamen, and providing a very unusual look to the flower. I decided to have some fun with the image, and made a number of different horizontal compositions, focusing at different points. When I got home, I combined all the images, selectively choosing where the sharpest elements were, and created an impossible photograph. Ah the joys of digital!
Digital original, 4 frame focus blend, 3 frame stitch

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