June 22, 2007

Ingrid & Tanya by the Petticodiac River

This was one of the most incredible days I have ever photographed on, even after years of photographing in the great outdoors. All through the session, there were heavy storm clouds on the Northern horizon, and occasionally a brisk, blustery wind would sweep around us in the most wonderful way.
Digital infrared original
Minutes into the session I made the above image of Ingrid walking in a sea of grain; the perfect angle of her left hand is what makes the image sing for me.

In some ways, my favourite outdoor sessions are those with multiple models; first, it doubles the variety of images of single models that can be made (with the models taking turns posing, and then just hanging out), but secondly, the presence of two models opens up the possibility of making images with both models - not an easy thing, but when the space presents the opportunities, have the resources at hand to take advantage of it is always better than having to walk away without making the image.
Digital infrared original, 5 frame stitch
The above image is a great example of being able to realize an image with two models where it might have gone unmade during a more conventional (single model) session. The composition began with Ingrid posing against the tallest wooden post; I initially envisioned it as a vertical composition of Ingrid and the weathered wood. As we were working however, Tanya asked if I'd like her to pose on the next post - it was only then that I saw the potential of the two models working on the left side of the frame, and the deep riverbank arcing up to the top right corner. After a little experimentation and refinement of pose, the above image was created.
Digital original
Once the infrared images of both models was made, I walked in closer, and switched to colour for some closer portraits of both models - this image of Tanya is all the more perfect for the unexpected gust of wind the swept aside her hair.

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