June 13, 2007

A Morning in Wolfville

Digital original
One of the many treasures in Wolfville Nova Scotia is the Harriet Irving Botanical Gardens which occupy more than six acres on the campus of Acadia University. The Gardens feature a wide range of flora native to the Acadian Forest Region. I had some time free after my drive to Wolfville, so I spent an hour working my way through the gardens with a macro lens.
Digital original
I absolutely LOVE the above image - the incredibly shallow depth of field, combined with the out of focus red on the lower left side really appeal to me. Though I always experiment with deeper depth of field in my macro explorations, images like this just make my heart sing.
Digital original, 2 frame focus blend
I have recently been experimenting with combining different images with different apertures, in an attempt to get both sharp and detailed portions of an image combined with incredibly shallow depth of field elsewhere - and in this image, it really paid off!

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