June 24, 2007

An Evening with Ingrid in Moncton

Digital original
At the end of a focused weekend of photography (four models over two days), Ingrid and I had a couple of hours before being picked up. A friend had recently finished restoring the main floor of her older home, the showcase of which was the stair case. The newel post was lovely in both form and colour, and was the focus of the first images of the session
Digital original
It was fascinating how easy it was to create dynamic images with such a simple combination of elements; a newel post, a model, and window light.
Digital original, 8 frame stitch
The final image sof the session were of Ingrid on the stairway, working with the contrast between the strongly regimented form of the stairs and railing, and the beautiful fluid lines of Ingrid; we made a handful of variations on pose, but the above image was particular pleasing.

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