June 23, 2007

Ingrid & Miranda in an Old House

Digital infrared original
As the first day of Ingrid and Miranda's weekend visit moved along, the threat of rain persisted, and we decided to head for an abandoned house I knew of. Though in rough shape, the house was still (mostly) water tight, so the first and second floor were dry enough to work in. The first set of photographs was made in an upstairs room, using the lovely direction window light to light both model's bodies, and create the above image.
Digital infrared original 
Ingrid asked what it would look like if she moved during an exposure (most of the images we’d made in this room used second-long exposures); I invited her to experiment, so she stood as still as she could, and began to move her arms slowly down the edge of the walls and window, which a distinctly haunting result. Years ago I had been introduced to the work of Francesca Woodman when I was at art college. and was always enamoured with her experiments with the body and motion, so there is no denying this image is an homage to her.
Digital original, 14 frame stitch 
I was a little hesitant when Ingrid asked me if I would like her to pose on this old car, but after examining it carefully, and ensuring there was no glass left in the windscreen, I relented, and we proceeded to make a number of different compositions.

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