June 18, 2006

The Dingle

With how I have structured my life, and how much I have chosen to focus on photographing the Nude, it is quite uncommon for me to just head out with a camera to see what I can make photos of. On this particular day, while I had made plans with Lisa for the afternoon, my morning was open, so I headed to the Sandford Flemming Park in Halifax to see what I could find to explore.
Digital infrared original

Much of the time at the park was spent working with my new Sigma ultra-wide angle 10-20mm zoom, learning more about how to use it most effectively and exploring its functionality with my infrared camera. I've already used it several times with models, but in those situations, there is not a lot of time for experimentation or reflection on working with a new lens.

Midway through my experiments with the 10-22mm lens, I spotted something on the grass below the Dingle Tower (which commemorates the establishment of representative government in Nova Scotia); I walked closer to discover a massive moth clutching a single blade of grass. The sight was incredible as the moth's body was a good 10cm long and it was hanging motionless off the grass. I began by working with the lenses I had on hand (shifting from the wide-angle to my 50mm lens), but very quickly realized that, without my macro lens, I was missing all the details. I rushed back to the car to get my macro lens, worried that the moth would be gone by the time I returned.
Digital original
My worries were unfounded, however, as when I returned with the macro lens, the moth had not moved at all. The next fifteen minutes was spent working with the moth, exploring various angles and compositions before the sun finally struck the little insect and it flew away.

The real reward of the morning was less the photos of the moth, and more the pleasure of photographing for the joy of seeing. I often forget how much I simply enjoy spending time with my camera and the morning served as a reminder of why I enjoy photographing so much.

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