June 27, 2006

Brianna at Cape Enrage

Digital original, 43 frame stitch

The real destination of for my day working with Brianna was Cape Enrage; low tide was at 3:00pm, so we'd planned to arrive in the early afternoon, in order to have the whole afternoon and early evening to work. With more than ten meter tides possible, it is important to time working at Cape Enrage with the tide! Not only was the tide right, but the weather and the light were perfect as well - the afternoon was sunny and bright, but the cape faces east, and cast shadow upon its cliffs.
Digital original, 20 frame stitch

Brianna responded as I'd expected to the cliffs; once we stopped walked and set about trying to find images, she was clambering around on the rocks, looking for spaces to work with, and rocks to fit her body around. I've had the opportunity to work at Cape Enrage for several years now, and it never ceases to amaze me how different models respond to the same spaces in different ways. The space in which I work at Cape Enrage is actually quite small - a section of cliff-face just far enough from the steps to the shore to ensure no interruptions; thus is wouldn't surprise me to see images start to repeat themselves, but this is far from the case. Even working in exactly the same setting as I'd previously made an image with Bobbi and Miranda, Brianna came up with a pose totally different from what I'd made there before.
Digital infrared original, 42 frame stitch
As the afternoon moved onwards, the air temperature began to drop, and fog rolled in on the Bay of Fundy. Realizing our session was going to come to a premature end, I proposed that rather than searching along the coast for a couple of more locations, we find one particularly strong one (I had my eye on one already) and make several images, exploring a couple of poses, before we called it a day. I have only a couple of times combined several poses of the same model into a single final image, and wished to have another try at the idea, to see if I could push it further. The results, above, definitely indicated it is an approach I will continue to explore, if only for the quirk factor.

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