June 18, 2006

Lisa at Chebucto Head

One of the first places I went to when I started working with the Nude outdoors was Chebucto Head. The location, a series of rocky headlands jutting out into the Atlantic Ocean, is full of spaces perfect for posing a model within and it is set far enough away from the city of Halifax to insure the privacy necessary for working with the Nude.
Digital infrared original

On this particular afternoon, Chebucto Head was chosen as a location not only for the location, but also the light. The day was bright and harsh, and Chebucto Head was one of the few location where I thought we'd be able to avoid the direct sunlight, using the rock valleys and ravines as locations to provide us with shade to work in.
Digital infrared original, 8 frame stitch
As soon as we arrived at Chebucto Head, we proceeded to walk down the coast for fifteen minutes or so, to get away from the parking lot and into some of the more interesting rock spaces. Lisa was quite impressed with the landscape and started seeing visual possibilities as we moved over the rocks, so it was no surprise that as soon as we found a deep enough ravine to shelter her from the sun, we started working.
Digital infrared original

The only real issue of the session was how far away from Lisa I was for some of the compositions. Working in the narrow fissures of rock sometimes necessitated me photographing from up on top of the bedrock, looking down. The only compensation for this was how close I had to work for images made down in the crevasses; often I was working with an ultra wide lens, creating dramatic lines and compositions while working only a meter or less from the model.

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