June 15, 2006

Lisa Models in Moncton

Digital original

Lisa and I have worked indoors a couple of times in Halifax (once in the studio, and once with candles) but both her and my main interest is in working outdoors together. With this in mind, she came up to Moncton for a visit and to do some modeling. An added bonus to this was the fact I was teaching in Halifax the following weekend and she could get a drive back to the city with me which would hopefully provide an opportunity to work together outside somewhere during the drive back to Halifax.
Digital infrared original
This session was our first working together with natural light and the comfort and experience that Lisa had gained through the studio and candle sessions really paid off. As soon as I was set up, we started working, and the session went straight into some very successful portraits, focusing on Lisa's striking gaze. Working with the infrared camera for most of these, I was using large apertures to throw the sheets behind Lisa out of focus.
Digital infrared original

While there were some abstracts and bodyscapes made during this session, almost all the immediately apparent successes came from the portraits. After almost eighteen years of working with the Nude (and almost twenty photographing), I really have to admit my figure work breaks down into two classes, one of which revolves around striking indoor Nude portraits.

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