June 16, 2006

Lisa in the Pool

Digital infrared original
After more than six months, working with models in the wading pool has before quite familiar; I almost use the word formulaic but while the approach is almost always the same (excepting the small improvements I have made to the technical side), the difference in the models I have worked with is as important to the pool work as it is to my work outdoors. In the same space, two different models lead to a dramatically different set of images.
Digital infrared original
By this session, all the technical issues of working in the wading pool were solved, and Lisa and I could focus on the real work - making successful images. Unlike much of my earlier pool images, I focused less on full body poses, and more on singular images of tightly focused compositions. I think in many ways this is a response to how similar the earlier images of bodies emerging from the water looked; it tended to be the images of details that set the previous sessions apart from each other, as opposed to the larger, more general composition.
Digital infrared original

It is likely this is my last water-pool session for some time, given that later in the summer I am moving back to Halifax. The only thought in the back of my head would be to return to the water-pool idea in Halifax, but, as opposed to using a child's wading pool, build a specially designed space to work in and create a wide variety of images over a short period of time, using the specially built set.

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