June 03, 2006

Carol's Pregnancy Session II

The second pregnancy session in the second series of images of Carol's second pregnancy followed very much the same pattern as the first. I had reviewed the images from the first session and made a decision about which poses I'd planned to follow during the pregnancy. The final piece from her first pregnancy was a long horizontal (presented online as two rows of images) so for this series, I decided to work with a horizontal pose I could assemble as a vertical for the final piecer. With this in mind, I selected three horizontal compositions to follow over the coming months, each of which has the potential to yield a good looking series focusing on the changes that are part of bringing a new life into the world.
Digital infrared
I can't state often enough how much of a privilege it is to have the chance to work with Carol over another pregnancy. Our friendship has spanned more than a decade and she was my best-person at Joy and my wedding in 2002; the opportunity to again be a part of such a special time in her life, making a lasting record of it in my images, is a real honour.

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