July 05, 1999

Ingrid at Killdevils (Gold River, Nova Scotia)

4"x5" film
With the rich imagery I have been finding along and within the Gold River, I have not done much work on land. I find my photography often goes in cycles, feeding off recent images, and following a theme or exploring a reoccurring motif. Ingrid wasn't feeling up to working in the water and this gave me a chance to explore more of the Gold River shoreline.
4"x5" film
The first two images work around pockets the river's flow has worn into the bedrock. In contrast to the rest of the rock, which is extremely sharp and angular, these circular wells and smooth alcoves called out to me for a figure. The top image was the most physically difficult to make as Ingrid could barely fit into the crevice but, surprisingly, the one and only pose she could manage in the space worked very well with the flow of the river and rock. With the image to the left, the challenge was primarily aesthetic:  in composing the image, I was concerned that Ingrid's figure would overpower the depression in the bedrock. As she worked with the pose, however, I saw the reflection in the dark well, which together with the water flowing around her hair, made the image work.
4"x5" film
From the very beginning, I have been drawn to the landscape along the river, as much as the water. The strong angular quality of the striated rock gives the river its unique character but this has been lost in my images to date because of the water's overwhelming visual presence.

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