July 15, 1999

Victoria, the Alberta Portfolio XIII (Mountain View, Alberta)

6x12 cm film
The final photo session for this busy day took place about an hour after sunset, with the fading glow of the day retreating behind the mountains. For several years, I have wanted to work with sunsets and flash combined, but have never been in a setting at the right time, with the right equipment.
6x12 cm film

Alberta, however, presented a chance like no other, as in addition to having a practically captive model and a wonderful sunset vista, one of the other photographers attending the retreat had brought along a portable flash system. After a detailed technical discussion of my plans, and a rundown of the flash kit, he generously permitted me to use it for my planned sunset imagery.
6x12 cm film
Setting the camera upon the edge of the coulee, Victoria selected and held dance poses for the entire exposure (8-16 seconds) which began with a single flash burst. The goal was to have a well lit profile of her body, with a soft blur around her, against the fading sky. The effect was less than successful (the 8 second exposure overexposed the sky, making it look more light day than the last moments of a sunset, but it is a start. If I get a chance to do similar imagery again, I will bring along a Polaroid back for the camera, to test the exposure/flash combination prior to making the final exposures.

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