July 12, 1999

Victoria, the Alberta Portfolio VI (Mountain View, Alberta)

After returning from the Cardston Hoodoos, I disappeared to the basement of Annie's house to change film, and prepare for the evening's session. Victoria stayed upstairs, and when I returned, was modelling for one of the other photographers. Working indoors with available light, he had set up a small studio in the dining area, with Victoria up on the table, against a black backdrop.
4"x5" film
In the middle of this session, Victoria took a break, sitting on a chair against the window to relax - and the light was stunning. Immediately, I made an image on my 35mm camera, unsure if I would be able to recreate the moment later for my view camera.
4"x5" film
Luck was with me, however, and when the session with the other photographer was done, I asked Victoria to retake the poses, and made a series of portraits of her in the chair. The resulting images very successfully capture the light and elegance which stopped me cold when I first beheld Victoria posing on the chair.

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