April 28, 2009

The Frozen Flowers Continue

Digital original, 10 image focus blend, 2 frame stitch
As I continue to work with the frozen flowers, I find myself challenged to create more varied images; I am experimenting with different shapes of tupperware, and smaller (and larger) flowers in hopes that I can inject some variation into the series.
Digital original, 50 image focus blend, 10 frame stitch
This calla lily looked really good, but to create a high resolution image, I had to use a ten frames on my Canon 5D MKII (21 mp camera) with each frame made up of 5 images focused from front to back. The final result was worth it however!
Digital original, 28image focus blend, 3 frame stitch
The third in this set of flowers was one of the most interesting - the yellow rose was completely clouded by bubbles on the top (looking down on the flower), but from one side, I was fortunate that the ice was almost clear...I had to use 12 frames on each side to get enough depth of field to cover the entire flower, but the effort was worth the investment in time.

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