April 06, 2009

A Master Work (Halifax, Nova Scotia)

Digital original, 141 image focus blend, 18 image stitch

I was visiting a friend’s house, when I noticed a vase of pretty tulips on the table…as I was leaving, I asked if I could have one, to freeze and photograph. An hour later, it was in my freezer. This is the largest, and most pleasing of my Frozen Light series yet - it prints 87” high without interpolation (it is stitched from 18 frames, which were in turn assembled from a total of 141 frames, which assured the entire image was sharp front to back). I can't think of a single frozen flower which even comes close to this one for me - a true masterwork, if I say so myself.

This image was included in the 2010 exhibition `Frozen Light` which was displayed at ViewPoint Gallery, in Halifax, Nova Scotia.
Digital original, 8 frame stitch
After finishing with the tulip, I moved onto some smaller flowers which I'd frozen at the same time; the images were as successful as the tulips, in terms of the effectiveness of the focus stacking, but after working with the stunning clarity of the tulip, the smaller flowers just...faded.

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