April 30, 2009

Jessica & Ryan at the Coast

Digital infrared original
There are a variety of reasons to head out to photograph - some are obvious, and visible, and others, more obscure. In this case, I had just received a new lens, a Canon 24mm f/1.4, and I was eager to try it out. It so happened that Jessica and Ryan had nothing more interesting to do, so on a warm(ish) late April day, we headed out to the coast, to see what the lens could do.
Digital infrared original
I don't often work with only a single lens, but in this case, I simply brought the infrared camera, the lens, and my tripod and filters. In many ways it was freeing to have no lens choices, and it served as a great trial-by-fire for the new lens, but all the same, it would have been a better session had I a portrait lens or two along (the above image works for me, but would have been much stronger I suspect, with a more distant perspective with a narrower angle of view).
Digital infrared original, 2 frame shutter blend
By far my favorite image of the session was made right at the end, with the two models reclining on a rock, with the ocean waves softly breaking in the background. I used a neutral density filter to provide a slower shutter speed and blur the ocean, which help produce a quite magical image.

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