April 01, 2009

Ryan and Jessica Model Again (Halifax, Nova Scotia)

Digital infrared original
Unlike the first time I worked with Jessica and Ryan, this session began with studio lighting; the two had just had a shower together, and I made a series of images of them while the last water of the shower evaporated from their skin. The studio light permitted me to control the lighting more than usually, so I created a number of highly stylized compositions.
Digital infrared original
Once I felt the studio lighting options had been realized, I set the lights aside, and returned to working with the couple on white sheets below a large window. By far this is my favorite way to work, with the luminous back light providing a lovely setting to work in, and perfect for focusing on the intimacy between the two models.
Digital infrared original
As with other sessions, the close came not when we ran out of time, but when we felt we'd run out of inspiration. This is probably the biggest difference to working with digital cameras as opposed to film; then I'd photograph until the resources (film) ran our, as opposed to finishing up when the session felt like it had concluded.

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