April 26, 2009

Andre & Karen at the Shore (Halifax, Nova Scotia)

Digital infrared original, 4 frame stitch
I’ve worked with Andree for over two years, and when she suggested a session with her good friend Karen, I was more than enthusiastic; it took weeks to work out, but fortunately, the weather co-operated, so on a crisp spring day, we headed out, and made a striking set of images. One of the first successes was a composition of the two models posing on a massive rock by the shore.
Digital infrared original
The above image of Karen is one of the best examples of how lovely infrared can be when used well; in this case, it turns Karen into a sculpture, as much as a photograph. I normally would be bothered by the truncating of her left arm, but in this case, with the strong sculptural quality to the photograph, it actually feels balanced!
Digital infrared original
The last set of images from this session were made right along the shore line, working again with both models. The challenge was working the two figures into the scene, but after some experimentation, with Karen perched on the top of the rock, and Andre leaning back into her, everything came together.

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