April 26, 2009

Jessica & Ryan at Prospect

Digital infrared original
Today was my first chance to work with models outdoors this year (whoot), and while the weather could have been warmer, the four models I had a chance to work with (two models each session, two sessions) were real troopers.

The session began with one of the most pleasing images I had made in some time - Jessica was just standing in a thin shirt and shorts, looking out to sea - I asked her if she could disrobe, and take the same pose...except this time, she closed her eyes.
Digital infrared original
For most of this session, I worked with either Jessica or Ryan solo, but in several places, including the above rock crevasse, the two models worked together. It is always an advantage having two (or more) models available, as when a composition needs a second body, one is right there, ready to jump in. The best part of the above image is that Ryan moved his head at the last minute, blurring his head and hair against the bright featureless sky behind him.
Digital infrared original.
I have a long, and deep love affair with soft light, and on this particularly sunny afternoon, I tucked Jessica away under a rock-face, just to get good light. While she was waiting for me to finish focusing and composing the image, she glanced down - and this was made.
Digital original, 5 image exposure blend, 2 frame stitch
The final image displayed here was one of the first I assembled after the session (between the morning and afternoon session, the day saw me create 17.4gb of files). This was the last composition I worked on this session; I made a dozen or so images of a variety of poses with each model, and the two of them together, but this photograph, with Jessica placed below the drama of the end of the day, appeals to me the most.

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