April 27, 2009

Ingrid at Herring Cove

Digital infrared original
I have very mixed feeling about working at Herring Cove; it is such a fabulous setting with great potential - and it is VERY public in places, which severely limits its potential. For this session, this was tempered by the time of year (early spring) and the fact a good friend was along as a spotter. As we walked out along the rocks, my eye kept going to the sky above, and I knew it would have to play a prominent role in the session.
Digital infrared original, 4 frame stitch
Ingrid has a wonderful talent for finding the perfect pose - even after working with her for over eleven years, she can make the most beautiful images come to fruition. It was just as we were making this image that the sky began to clear, giving the perfect finishing touch to the image.
Digital infrared original
The final images of the session worked with an interesting convergence of rock, set against the ocean. Ingrid experimented with a number of poses, but it was the above image, with such a beautiful flow to her back and hips, that really resonated with me.

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