July 27, 2008

Stephanie Models in a Forest

Though we've already worked together once in the studio, this was my first chance to work with Stephanie in my preferred setting - the great outdoors. Though I usually avoid working in woods at this time of year, due to the risk of bug bites, Stephanie was enthusiastic about the possibilities a woodland setting offered, and was willing to put up with the bugs.
Digital infrared original
Made in a shade of a huge glacial erratic, this portrait has such luminous skin tones that Stephanie's skin almost blend into her white-blond hair. Part of the magic of working with infrared is how differently it renders the familiar. In this case, Stephanie’s blue eyes turned out extremely dark, in contrast to her fair skin.
Digital original
Though we worked on many images of Stephanie's body interwoven with the trees and forest, I continually returned to making portraits, drawn to the lovely colour of her hair and skin. The above image was made moments after a such a portrait, proving me with a completely spontaneous moment.
Digital infrared original
Of all the full-body images I made with Stephanie in the forest, this is my favourite - it has such a magical feeling, rooted in both the other-worldly quality of the infrared image, and the fleeting grace of Stephanie's figure.

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