July 16, 2008

Nicole at the Bay of Fundy

Since I first worked there, Burntcoast Head has been one of my favorite places to photograph at, though its distance from Halifax, and the necessity to sync the visit to low tide make it a seldom-visited space.
Digital infrared original, 6 frame stitch
Though Nicole was only posing in a small tidal pool, the long lens I used to make the image gave it the appearance of an endless sea. The infrared camera created some incredibly strong contrast (due to no infrared light being reflected into the shadows from the water), while the stitching created a higher resolution image for printing.
Digital original, 8 frame stitch
The whole environment at Burntcoat Head is flavored by the world's highest tides; all the rock forms are weathered and carved by the relentless tidal motion, and even the huge rocks at the edge of the mainland are covered with a skin of seaweed. In the above image, I thought Nicole's red hair would set of nicely against the green seaweed, and mirror the colour of the rock beneath.
Digital infrared original, 2 frame stitch
Because of its geographic setting, there are few location in Nova Scotia that look directly out onto a sunset over water, but fortunately the Bay of Fundy solves these problems - not so much because it faces the right direction, but because, with almost 10 metres of tide range, there is very little at low tide to obscure the setting sun.

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