July 06, 2008

Nicole Models at the Coast

Digital infrared original
As soon as Nicole saw this up-rooted tree, she asked if it would be possible to work with it…and promptly spent five minutes or more worming her way into a pose.  It was hard to hold the exposure detail in the sky, and still see her figure atop the rock, but with careful processing, the image reaches all its potential.
Digital infrared original
Though this session was to focus on working at the coast, when we came across a small field of high grasses, I couldn't resist. It took some experimentation to find the right aperture to keep the grasses close to me crisp enough to read as grass, but soft enough not to detract, but the effort put into making the image was worth it.
Digital original
Towards the close of the session, Nicole did some full-immersion modelling in some of the water pools that were one of the reasons I selected this location. Late in the afternoon, with the sun lower in the sky, the reflections on the water surface, and the light on Nicole's body, was just lovely to work with.

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