August 05, 2008

Ingrid Models at Herring Cove (marking the completion of 10 years of working together)

This session marks the completion of 10 years of working with Ingrid. From our first studio session, to working around Nova Scotia for years, to traveling for a week together in Scotland, Ingrid has helped me make some of the strongest images in by body of work with the Nude.
Digital original, 2 frame image blend, 9 frame stitch
As soon as I saw the triangular rock in this dark pool, I wanted an image of it. I was quite surprised that Ingrid could balance upon it, without falling into the water. I really wish I could have positioned the camera even higher, to have more of a top-down perspective, but as it was, I was rather precariously positioned.
Digital infrared original
After the first rock pool image, Ingrid was keen to make some more images working with the rock pool, with the above being the strongest - the lowering sky above, combined with the rich dark water from which she is emerging helps create a really haunting image.
Digital infrared original
The Nova Scotia shoreline is so rich in possibilities, I could spend my entire life photographing along it. This space is less than twenty minutes from where I live, and I have photographed in it for more than a decade, yet images like this are still made each time I set out to explore the space. Ingrid‘s ability to work with the landscape around her is always at the core of the images we create together - in this case, she positioned her body along the very edge of the rock, where it transitioned from horizontal, to vertical.
Digital original, 2 frame exposure blend
This image was made in the exactly same space as the previous one, but with the reverse camera angle - looking out from the crevasse, as opposed to towards it. We initially worked with the same pose too, but the disconnection between the lower plane of rock and that above didn't appeal to me, so I suggested Ingrid shift to lying on her back, and see if she could connect to the rock above physically - which pulled the whole image together.

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