July 01, 2008

Scotland 2008 Part XXXIX: My Last Day on the Scottish Borders

Digital infrared original
I usually dislike perspective distortion in images (a side effect of working with view cameras for more than fifteen years), but when I was working with Hermitage Castle, it’s massive bulk seemed to call out for something dramatic.
Digital infrared original

This small church was by the side of the road in Lockerbie, which I passed through on my way through southern Scotland.
Digital infrared original, 2 frame shutter blend

This was the last of the ruins I photographed in Scotland, and by far, my favourite of the architectural images I made. A blended exposure, with one for Sweetheart Abbey, and a second, with a much longer shutter speed, for the wind-swept sky behind it, lead to an image that focused as much on mood and ambiance as it does on composition and light.

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