July 07, 2008

Andree Poses in a River

Digital original, 18 frame stitch
This was my third time working with this river space, but I feel it still have not really revealed its full potential, visually. The first composition (above) gives some indication of how low the river level is; in the spring when it is in full-run, all the visible rocks are covered with water.
Digital original
Because of the low level of the river, Andree and I had some challenges finding spaces with deep enough pools to immerse her body; most of the places we found were like the above - deep enough to cover a portion of her body, but leading most of her above the surface.
Digital original, 3 frame exposure blend
This is by far my favourite image of the session - Andre's pose fits the space perfectly, and the dark rocks surrounding Andree play a wonderful counterpart to her pale skin. The shutter speed blend permitted me to get the motion blur in the water while having Andree's figure crisp and detailed.

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