July 02, 2008

Scotland 2008 Part XL: Sweetheart Abbey & Glasgow

Digital original
My last day of this visit to Scotland saw me return to Sweetheart Abbey, where I'd ended the previous day; I didn't feel I made the most of the location in the previous day's rain, so I spent the morning working with the soft overcast light, and made many more images of this haunting space.
Digital original
My last photography in Scotland was of the Glasgow Necropolis; I always seem to default to photographing grave yards when I am in unfamiliar cities. I suspect it is the combination of the beauty of European tombs combined with their relative peacefulness (compared to the bustle of the city around them)
Digital original
This was my last image made during my 2008 visit to Scotland; a small, weathered head on a long eroded grave in the Glasgow Necropolis.

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