May 05, 2008

More Flowers in Ice

Digital original
I'd come home yesterday with a small bunch of flowers from a Christmas Cactus; the result of freezing them was quite surprising, with the white petals becoming transparent, and some of the colour from the bright pink flowers running into the ice.
Digital original, 18 frame stitch
This image was one of the most pleasing I have made in this series; the plant in the ice was very small, so I decided to freeze it in a pill container (about 2.5 cm in diameter); while the centre of the resulting ice-block was clouded with bubbles, the entire outside edge was clear - so I photographed it while slowly turning it - creating an infinite image, which I could print to any length, as it repeated!
Digital original, 2 frame stitch
The last set of images were made of the delicate flowers in the ice, drawn as much to the translucent quality of the flower as to the brilliance of the frozen setting.

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