May 15, 2008

Andree Models in an Old Saw Mill

Digital infrared original, 12 frame stitch 
Andree and I worked with this wheel for a good ten minutes, exploring the options, and finally realizing this image. I couldn't get any higher with my tripod, so including any more of the foreground was impossible, but it was the only composition that showed the entire space, and as such, was the strongest of the series.
Digital infrared original, 18 frame stitch 
There are days when the weather plays a major role in images, and while it may not be apparent in the images, this was one of them. Though the sky was overcast, the day was unseasonably warm (for mid-May), and there was a brisk wind off the land - which in the above image whipped Andree's hair across her face at just the right moment. A further exploration of this image is presented in this post.
Digital infrared original, 13 frame stitch 
It took Andree some effort to get into position for this image; the concrete portion of the old mill we were working with was a good three meters high, and I had to assist her in climbing up. Once she was in place, the potential of the location really came into view, with the window in the concrete framing her body as she moved into position on the other side of the wall. After exploring a number of pose possibilities, we hit upon this one at the very end, contrasting the smooth lines of Andree’s hips and waist against the teeth of the wheel beside her.

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