May 23, 2008

Iris in Ice

Digital original
As soon as the block of ice came out of the freezer, I could see the potential; two of the four sides of the ice were crystal clear (though there were loads of air bubbles, seemingly emerging from the flower and stems.
Digital original, 8 frame stitch
It was quite challenging finding an angle where the entire group of Iris plants were visible; one entire side of the ice block was obscured by air bubbles, while from other sides, the petals of the flower were emerging from the ice (where the petals turn from blue to a more purple colour). The above image was the best I could do, and at least indicates some of the potential of this approach.
Digital original
The lovely contrast in colours the Iris provided was a treat to work with - many of the flowers I worked with had a single colour to work with, but with the blue and yellow complementary colours, this was just perfect to photograph.

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