May 24, 2008

A Waterfront Field Trip

Digital original

As field trips go, this one was unusual; the students and I spent much of the morning exploring a visiting tall ship. One of the first things to catch my eye was a white-on-white composition, with a lovely soft shadow falling across it.
Digital original
As I was walking around the tall ship, I caught a momentary glimpse of the sun reflected off the surface of the harbour, below one a ship's boat. I changed my camera's lens to a wide angle, and then tried to find the exact sport that caught my eye. The result was stronger than the momentary glimpse, as just as I was preparing to make it, the sun went behind a cloud and the reflection in the water became much softer.

Digital original
The contrast between the rusty anchor and the boat behind it is at the heart of this image, but the trio of circles that flow under the contrast are what really hold this photograph together in my mind.

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