May 09, 2008

Andree Poses in an Old Fort

Digital infrared original, 4 frame stitch

On of the real advantages of working with digital imaging is all the possibilities it opens up, in terms of image corrections; in this case my camera position was high - it had to be so, in order to see Andree’s feet over an intervening piece of concrete. Usually, this would have lead to some serious distortion to the shape of the doorway, but with careful correction in post-processing, I was able to keep all the lines parallel, keeping the perspective normal looking, and removing the distraction such a strong distortion would have presented.
Digital infrared original, 18 frame sitting
After we finished working with the doors, we focused on the concrete footings that once held the engines in this old military buildings; the light in the room came through a number of small windows, which provided some beautiful direction to the highlights on Andree's body, without giving the overall image too much contrast.
Digital infrared original, 10 frame stitch, 3 frame image blend
Andree and I finished the session off with some more complex stitched images - blending not only multiple frames to increase the image resolution, but blending two or more poses in the same setting (we actually made an image in the engine room at the beginning of the session which four separate poses in the same image). This obviously is simple to do with multiple models, but in a world with digital imaging, and multi-frame photography, it is almost as easy to do with one model as two.

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