May 03, 2008

A Dartmouth Field Trip

Digital original
The main focus of this field trip was to give students a chance to experiment with shutter speeds; I came equipped with a full set of neutral density filters - ranging from 3 stops to 10'stops...which in turn can permit shutter speeds up to 30 seconds in length in full sunlight.
Digital original
While students were working away, I moved past thinking about long shutter speed, and just went image hunting; a bright blue slide caught my eye. After working with it some with a long lens, I moved much closer with an ultra-wide and found it much more interesting. The idea of a full frame of blue, with just the sky and scuff marks providing little points of interest.
Digital original
As I was wrapping up and heading back to the car, I caught sight of a fallen tulip (perhaps picked by some errant child) - it seemed lonely, so I decided to focus on it for an image or two. Using an ultra-wide lens, I got down close and used a panoramic approach to make the last image of the day.

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