May 29, 2008

A Morning of Tulip Photos

Digital original
I spent this morning working with a student on macro photography, in a garden full of nothing but tulips. After working with macro so much indoors lately, I found it refreshing to be outdoors with a macro lens for a change.
Digital original

The simple beauty of two flowers is hard to beat, especially when the colours are so pure. The greatest challenge of this session was keeping the focus where it should be - with the tulips moving softly in the wind, it was really easy for them to suddenly move out of the focus zone.
Digital original
I tend to find more pleasure in shallow depth of field, as opposed to images where everything is in focus; with flowers, this is often a little more challenging, as the entire scene usually call for attention, but in this case, using the taller tulips to frame the side and top of the image, I think I keep the focus on the lower front flower.

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