June 28, 2005

Ou Lady of Sorrows

Digital infrared original
Graveyards were one of the first spaces I photographed in when I received a camera in 1987. There is something quite haunting about their serenity, even in the middle of a busy city. On this particular morning, I had a couple of hours to myself, before I picked up Ingrid for the afternoon session we had planned, so I decided to spend it exploring the nearest graveyard. One reason for choosing this particular space was that another photographer I knew had worked in the same location with infrared film, and I was quite interested to see how the tonality of the digital infrared camera would compare to that of conventional infrared film.
Digital infrared original, 5 frame stitch
Initially I was frustrated by the morning's light - low cloud was blanketing the city, providing a featureless white sky above the graveyard. I had hoped to do some images with dramatic dark skies and fluffy white clouds, but it was not to be. As I worked however, I became more and more interested in the contrast between the pale foliage and the white, featureless shy, and started working deliberately with that contrast in the images.
Digital infrared original
Overall, I am very pleased with the results from this session. Truth be told, I hadn't considered the infrared camera for anything other than my figure work when I'd arranged for its conversion, but having seen these images, I can definitely see how other infrared subjects will present themselves over time (though I am not too certain that a graveyard theme will ever fully realize itself).

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