June 26, 2005

Jane Poses on Pubnico Harbour Island

Digital infrared original
Besides their own interest and enthusiasm, one of the most valuable elements a model can bring to a session is local knowledge; in this case, Jane took me out onto several of the numerous islands in Pubnico Harbour, first working with a number rocks on one island and then working with the grass and trees on a second.
Digital infrared original
Because of the day's heat, and our limited time (not to mention traveling by boat), I decided to work with my digital camera exclusively. I had hoped to work with the 8"x10", but I feared the day would just be too hot (in the end, the weather was beautiful on the water, so I should have taken the camera along, but hind-sight is 20/20).
Digital infrared original, 2 frame stitch
Once we finished working with the rocks and shoreline on the first island, we traveled by boat to a second - more a flat sea of grass than an island proper. Here, it was a little easier to work with the harsh light, as the landscape was a little more open, and I could better choose the angle from which to photograph. A couple of times during the session, Jane had to duck down into the grass as locals went by in their motorboats, but for the most part, we worked undisturbed, free to explore the possibilities the island offered.

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