June 13, 2005

An Indoor Couple

Kayla and Tom both enjoyed their first experience modeling and were both keen to model again.
Unfortunately, the afternoon on which we'd planned to work was rainy so we had to cancel the outdoor session. Both models were still enthusiastic to work, however, so we decided to change the approach and do a natural light indoor session. Though they weren't an actual couple, Kayla and Tom were more than comfortable posing together.
Digital infrared image
Even though the day was wet and dreary, there was plenty of light to work with, even with the infrared camera (this came as something of a surprise, as I had expected a rainy-day indoor session to be impractical). I set the two models up on the futon below the window at the end of the living room and began to work, focusing on the flow of the light over their bodies and the casual touch and intimacies that developed between them.
Digital infrared image, 2 frame stitch
Unlike the three-model session two days earlier, there was little difficulty with the presence of the second model - the interplay between the two propelled the images forward, and helped create images that wouldn't have occurred with a single model. As much as I can do to help a model find a pose or create an image, having two models working together makes the whole process easier - there is a natural flow between people, lovers or friends, which can spontaneously provide the spark needed to make a successful image.
8"x10" film
I worked through this session primarily with the infrared camera but occasionally I did make some images with the view camera, composing several photographs based on images seen through the smaller DSLR's viewfinder.

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