June 27, 2005

A Studeio Experiment

The main reason for my visit to East Pubnico was to help a couple of local photographers with their studio photography. While both photographers have been using studio lighting for some time, neither had received any formal guidance in its use and were looking for a more formal groundwork.
Digital infrared original
As a side affect, however, this also permitted me the opportunity to work with my newly converted infrared sensitive Nikon D70. While I have been increasingly pleased with the camera's performance outdoors, I haven't had the chance to try it with studio flash. Fortunately Jane, whose studio we were were using, had arrange for a portrait model for the day and I had the opportunity to spend some time photographing her.
Digital infrared original
After I made and reviewed the first image, I knew the DSLR was going to give me exactly what I was looking for. Even without conversion to black and white, I could tell off the small camera screen that the images were looking exactly like they should. One of the most interesting elements of working with the infrared camera in the studio was that the image on the LCD screen was almost totally monochrome (after I set up a custom white balance), with the exception of the model's hair, which was a delicate light blue.
Digital infrared original
I only worked with the model for short while, putting the modified camera through its paces and making a couple of experiments. As Dianne was modeling in a wedding dress, I even took the opportunity to make my take on a "wedding" image - cropping the image to the models hands on the dress.

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