June 17, 2005

A first Session with Jane

Jane and I had laid the plans for working together more than two weeks earlier; we both live equidistant from Halifax, but in opposite directions, so the easiest place for us to meet up was Halifax. As I was teaching a workshop this weekend, it was the ideal time for me (I try hard to make the most of the infrequent visits to Halifax). As the day drew closer, however, the weather forecast started to look more and more doubtful, with rainy day after rainy day presenting themselves and threatening to cancel our plans before they could even begin.
Digital infrared original, 2 frame resolution blend
As it happened, though the day was gray and overcast, the rain that was forecast never arrived. Jane and I discussed the options and, though the day was a little cool, she declared that it would be worth a try, so we set off for York Redoubt, to work in the shoreline battery and rocks along the harbour.

As is my preference, I began the session simply, making a series of standing portraits in one of the small rooms within the shore battery. The light was low but delicate, and it gave Jane a chance to be introduced to the process without too much expectation in the way of pose or position.
Digital infrared original, 16 frame stitch
While I did use the 8”x10” camera during the session, the vast majority of the focus was working with the infrared converted D70. It was so refreshing to be able to work with particular palette that infrared light brings to an image, and for a first session with a new model (on a cool day), the faster workflow and more immediate feedback the digital SLR brought to the process was quite welcome.
Digital infrared original

Throughout the session, I kept a weather eye to the sky, constantly worried that the heavens would open, and the rain would come. In the end, however, we worked for more than three hours, finally calling a close to the session on account of the low air temperature, as opposed to rain (by this point, I had been soaked up to my knees by rogue waves and Jane had been splattered by more than her fair share of ocean spray). The day's images ranges from architectural nudes to Jane posing by the ocean, and experiments with long exposures. Without a doubt, a very successful first session with a very indulgent and enthusiastic new model.

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