August 14, 2018

Hailey & Skulls in the studio (Halifax, Nova Scotia)

Digital infrared original
My work with skulls and the Nude dates back to images made with Victoria in Alberta in 1999. I love combing the two elements into singular compositions, especially in a studio, where the lighting can be tailored to the subject, and the focus can be placed upon the simple forms of the body and bone.
Digital infrared original

This session was inspired by the collection of bones at Hailey's house; while I have worked with caribou, horse, sheep and goat skulls before, this was my first chance to work with wolf (the first image) and Musk-ox skull, complete with horns. After some experimentation, I settled on the skull mirroring Hailey's back and legs as the best way to blend the two forms in one composition.

Digital infrared original


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