July 10, 2001

Cassandra, Nova Scotia XI (Feltzen South, Nova Scotia)

The first day we arrived at Feltzen, we were given a tour of the property, including an old foundation, complete with a massive stone base for an fireplace. From the moment I saw it, I knew I wanted to work with this space, to see what it would lend itself to with a model. I enjoy working with models in architectural spaces, but generally, intact environments (like houses) hold little interest, when compared to the visual richness of a space which is decaying, and gradually being reclaimed by the natural environment.
6x9 cm film
Augmented by the soft light of the fog-shrouded morning, I chose to concentrate on colour images emphasizing the lush greenness of the grasses and the coloured flowers surrounding the structure. The juxtaposition of the warm glow of Cassandra's skin against the cool stone and foliage worked particularly well. Also, as the morning was not particularly warm, the smaller, faster cameras seemed more appropriate.
35mm transparency film
I did work with the 8"x10" for those images which seemed particularly strong, but the main focus was on the colour images. As I've said before, the incredible ease of working with the larger Toyo camera is just a pleasure, especially when moving to it from the smaller cameras. Having already explored the space in colour, I had clear images in my head, so the work with the 8"x10" went swiftly, moving through several poses and images before wrapping up for the morning, and returning to the house for lunch.
8"x10" film
When I envisioned Cassandra, the Nova Scotia Portfolio, I had considered the possibility of including a colour image, and after this session, I strongly felt that idea might become a reality; it was another month before I was able to proof the colour work, but as soon as I saw the images of Cassandra among the verdant green, I knew one of these would be part of the portfolio.

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