August 20, 2018

Hailey & Ingrid Killing Time (Glacial Barrens, Nova Scotia)

Digital infrared original

Hailey has arranged for transportation to an off-shore Island for her, Ingrid and myself, but at the last minute, the schedule was bumped back, so the three of us found ourselves with some time to kill. Not wanting to let light go to waste, we headed out to the glacial barrens near Prospect, and proceeded to make some images on the rocks and foliage that abound there.

Digital infrared original

With two models available, most of the session was spent with one woman finding a pose, and then the other working out how to fit into the scene - the usual approach I use is to have the second model either mirror or contrast the first; the first two images show more of the later, with the additional model (Ingrid in the first example, and Hailey in the second) choosing a post to reinforce the first.

Digital infrared original


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