August 13, 2018

Carol, Hailey & Ingrid model together (McNab's Island, Nova Scotia)

Digital infrared original, 2 image stitch
One of the greatest advantages of working with models who know each other is the opportunity to work with multiple models in the same place, and often in the same image. For this session, transportation to McNab's island was provided by Trav (who last modeled for me in 2002), which was a gift in itself, as the opportunity to work uninterrupted for extended periods is a gift unto itself.
Digital infrared original
The majority of the session was spent working with the remains of an old wharf, as the tide came in. Alternating between working with a single or multiple models, I made the most of the beautiful soft light provided by the overcast afternoon. As Carol, Hailey and Ingrid had all worked together before, it was quite easy to realize the potential of the spaces, and make some really pleasing images.
Digital infrared original

As the afternoon progressed, the time came in further and further, and eventually swallowed up the remains of the wharf. As we had some time left, we headed further up onto the stone beach, and proceeded to make a set of compositions working with a large piece of driftwood - as before, I began with a single model, and then added the second, and third to complete the exploration.
Digital infrared original
The overarching theme of this session was freedom; working on the island gave us the freedom to work without concern about interruption, and having three comfortable, competent and enthusiastic models along provided me the freedom to work constantly, and frequently incorporate two, and even three models over the session. A true embarrassment of riches.

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