August 19, 2018

Photo 101 Field Trip (Halifax, Nova Scotia)

Digital original
Typically, Photo 101 field trips involve quite a lot of walking about, booking for different subject or points of view, but for this particular field trip (partially because of the weather), the students and I remained focus on a single location - the courtyard of the Art Gallery of Nova Scotia. While the students experimented with lens selection and aperture, I made a classic elevation view of the old Post Office building, which holds a good portion of the gallery.
Digital original
The vast majority of my time between working with students was spent photographing Origins, a large sculpture by John Greer. I really enjoyed the abstract darkness of the work, and found composition after composition that made the most of the subtle surface of the sculpture.
Digital original
After I finished exploring the sculpture, I turned my eye to the old post office, and switched to my longest lens (300mm f/4) to make some details of the modern restoration carving that is so much a part of the old building to today.

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