August 20, 2018

Hailey & Ingrid on an Island (Shannon Island, Nova Scotia)

This session was several weeks in the planning, and while it deviated from the original idea (heading to a different island), it provided a fabulous opportunity to work with two models in a new, isolated location. After a short boat-ride (thanks to Hailey's connections), the two models and I were dropped off onto Shannon Island, and left to our own devices.
Digital infrared original

The first set of images were made in a drove of dead trees, which had fallen to the ground and turned silver-white. Hailey enthusiastically wormed her way into the branches of the largest tree, and for several minutes, we explored the possibilities. This inspiring and engaging set of images came to abrupt stop when I miss-stepped and fell cameras were hurt, but several light cuts and lacerations on my arm and leg made us decide to leave the site, and head to more accessible/level parts of the island.

Digital infrared original

As the session progressed, we found more and more spaces to work with. In an attempt to get away from the harsh sunlight, I asked Ingrid if she'd pose in a small water pool on the shade side of a cliff - and minutes later the above image was born.
Digital infrared original

Towards the end of the session, before we headed back to meet the boat, Hailey and I made some images of her by a small water pool. The light was delicate, and the infrared camera gave a lovely luminosity to Hailey's skin. A great high point to end upon, I look forward to returning to Shannon Island again, and seeing what else can be created there!

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